About us

About us

PBHE “Heimerer College” was established and accredited for the firt time in 2010. Southeastern Europe Institute for Health and Nursing Advancements and the German Educational Institution – Heimerer GmbH –  with a 30-year experience in vocational education are the two institutions that “Heimerer College” is based on. The establishment of this institution was inspired by the immediate need to provide new qualifications in the area of health sciences and nursing, in accordance with the needs of national health and education system and by meeting the stanadards of European Union for these qualifications.

This goal was reached based on having all the optimal resources for such an educational institution and with the support of a wide cooperation network from similar institutions in Europe.

Such a constellation of institutional cooperation between Kosovo and Germany, respectively german speaking countries, represents a solid and sound insurance that study programs in the country will be successfully implemented according to European standards.

Lacking human capacities; especially in specific areas, PBHE “Heimerer College” was inititially oriented in programs that were accredited in EU countries, adapting those programs to the local needs.

Prior experience in working with institutions of the Republic of Kosovo has enabled our institution to indentify the deficiencies in existing qualifications and also the need for new qualification and skills on specializing new and specific areas in Kosovo. These data have systematically helped to adapt and adjust the studying programs.


Through studying programs accredited in EU Countries and also having the experience in modern teaching methods and with an advanced system of monitoring the quality of theoretical and practical work of students, PBHE “Heimerer College” aims to set European stadands in vocational education in Kosovo by offering qualitative vocational education in Health domains.