Lab Technician

Laboratory Technician

3 years | 180 credits

Heimerer College is committed to creating a social impact by focusing on improving the healthcare system through education of competent healthcare professionals and managers. This philosophy of care and social responsibility has inspired the design of the Laboratory Technician (BSc) program. The program educates laboratory technicians who are as dedicated to patient’s health as any other health professional.

Rapid changes and developments in science and technology require the development of medical diagnostics. A laboratory technician is the backbone of any healthcare team as it represent the starting point for disease diagnosis, detection, prevention, and treatment. The Laboratory Technician program is created to provide support to healthcare teams in Kosovo and region. During this 3-year program, students will be gaining hands-on experience working alongside medical scientists and clinical researchers at extraordinary laboratories and research facilities at Heimerer College.  Laboratory Technician students will be exposed to theory and practice in all areas of clinical pathology such as clinical chemistry, laboratory hematology, bacteriology, parasitology, virology, mycology, immunology, histology, cytology, transfusion, and experimental and nuclear medicine.

The curriculum of the Lab Technician program offers a multidisciplinary education that emphasizes communication, research, and problem-solving skills. Upon graduation, students will be confident with advanced techniques and adequate skills to conduct high standard experiments in any modern laboratory. Graduates of this program may navigate any contemporary laboratory and will be able to work as:


Laboratory Technician in Biochemistry
Laboratory Technician in primary, secondary and tertiary health institutions
Medical Laboratory Technician
Laboratory Technician in Microbiology
Laboratory Technician in Molecular Diagnostics
Laboratory Technician in Pathology
Laboratory Technician in Immunology
Laboratory Technician in Hematology
Laboratory Technician in Histology
Research assistant

Deputy Dean of Faculty – Diagnostic Health Sciences

Dr. Valon Morina


Program Assistant

PhD Cand. Dua Danjolli-Hashani

Dua Danjolli-Hashani has graduated with a Bachelor degree in Chemistry at the University of Prishtina. Whereas, her master’s studies she completed at the Medical Biochemistry department at Balikesir University in Turkey. She is currently finishing her PhD studies in Biochemistry at Trakya University, Turkey. While studying in Turkey, she was an assistant at Balikesir University in Clinical Chemistry and Biochemistry. Furthermore, she also worked at Healthcare Implementation and Research Hospital in Balikesir. At Heimerer College, she lectures in several professional modules and organizes clinical practices for students in the Lab Technician program.

Semester I

Principles of Bioanalysis

Principles of Biomedicine

Body fluids I

Semester II

Clinical placement I

Clinical placement II

Information and Principles of Communication

Laboratory Diagnostics, Organic Systems and Functions

Laboratory Diagnostics: Body fluids II

Organic systems and cells I

Semester III

Organic Systems and Cells II

Molecular and Cellular structures

Laboratory Diagnostics, Organic systems and cells

Scientific research methods

Learning process reflection

Clinical practice II

Semester IV

Clinical Placement II (75 hours)

Information and International communication

Cell Laboratory Diagnostics and Molecular structures

Quality assurance management in healthcare systems

Scientific Research methods

Clinical placement II (125 hours)

Semester V

Information and Professional Communication

Project Management and Research

Clinical Placement III

Semester VI

Professionalism and Academia

Law and Economics in Healthcare

Clinical Placement III

Programet Bachelor Infermieri (BSc) Logopedi (BSc) Ergoterapi (BSc) Teknik Laboratori (BSc) [...]
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