It is our sincere pleasure to welcome you to our college library. We pride ourselves in offering an open and inclusive environment. Our primary mission is to support the educational goals and informational needs of the Heimerer community. We continuously strive to ensure that our work supports the information and learning goals of our community through innovative services, quality resources, and a personalized touch.

The college library has been designed to serve students, faculty, and staff in order to provide the adequate information in different health-related fields. Due to our endeavors to support the education goals and needs of the Heimerer community, we have formed many local and international partnerships in order to utilize opportunities offered by other international libraries.

The library provides spaces for group or individual learning and  desktop computers for research purposes.

The college library is located in the C entrance, 4th floor.

Open hours: 09:00 – 19:00 Monday – Friday


Heimerer College E-Library

Our library attempts to fulfill the changing needs of the community in their quest for pursuit of knowledge. The e-library was launched as an electronic platform that allows the Heimerer community to have access to various books and articles. To access the e-library, you need to click on the link which will direct you to the electronic library of Heimerer college. Besides a great collection of health-related books and articles, e-library gives you access to books in fields such as business, politics, statistics, education, etc. Students and faculty have access to the e-library only in computers connected to the campus wired or wireless network. Students, however, can download the needed material and read it anywhere and anytime.

E-library is very user-friendly. Keywords are used to make navigation easy.


If you are searching books or articles in:

Nursing – Type “INF”

Logopedics – Type “LOGO”

Vocational pedagogy – Type “PPSH”

Occupational Therapy – Type “ERGO”

Lab Technician – Type “LAB”

Health Management – Type “MISS”

E-library gives you access to books in Albanian, English, and German.