Office for quality

Office for quality

The mission of the Office for Quality is the implementation of procedures for implementation and endorsement of the programs. A very important part of the responsibilities that this office has is continuous monitoring of the quality and implementation of the programs. Furthermore, the Office for Quality is responsible for implementation of all International Standards for Quality. This office also implements the development standards set by the Kosovo Agency for Accreditation, communicates with them and international experts that the KAA hires to evaluate the programs.



Assistant at the Office for quality

Genc Rexhepi

Genc is a young researcher who has graduated in the program of Speech Therapy in Heimerer College. Over the course of his studies, Genc was engaged and student-assistant in the Office for Research for two years. He has participated and conducted over 10 successful research studies in the area of Speech Therapy and Psychology. He was rewarded with the second prize for his presentation at the International Congress for Health Sciences Held in Kosovo in 2015 and got the first prize at the Seventh Symposium for Health Sciences in 2016 which was also held in Prishtina, Kosovo.  He is very skillful with SPSS 21 and is always ready to help the students in research techniques. Now Genc is working with the Office for Research and Quality, in the position of the Assistant of the Office for Quality, under guidance of Prof. Fitim Uka.

His interest in the research field is closely related to Speech Therapy and Psychology. The main topics he is interested on are:




  • Correlation between intelligence and self regulating skills
  • Correlation between intelligence and communication skills
  • The impact of speech disabilities in academic performance
  • Interaction of expressive and receptive language in social life

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