Office for Research

The mission of the office for Research and Quality is to develop student’s research and communication skills. By supporting student’s research ideas and its realization, we aim to link theoretical and practical learning. This office has a close cooperation with academic council, the coordinator of studying programs and the scientific workers in order to indentify the needs of the institution for research and to bring conclusions on the research orientation that the institution should have. Also, the office has a very important role on supporting scientific workers and students in orientation and the learning process of research activities. The new strategy of the Office for Research seeks to conduct at least one research per semester, a research which is relevant to the studying programs that our institution offers.






Participation in International Conferences

Apart from participating in many Congress and Symposium within Kosova, students of the Office for Research and Quality alo were part of many international conferences throughout entire Europe. Some of them are listed below:

  • International Education Conference. Venice, Italy
  • World Congress of the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics
  • International Conference on New Advanced Methodologies and Techniques in Scientific Research International Academic Business Conference Venice, Italy
  • International Conference on Social Sciences Sofia Bulgaria
  • International Conference on Social Sciences. Dubrovnik , Croatia
  • World congress of the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics. Dublin ,Irleand


Conducting workshops is one of the most important activities that members of this office can provide, which is always done in cooperation with local and also international scientists.

Debate club

Debate club is an activity which is provided to students to serve as a good example of proper discussion, which based in evidence and facts and is paraphrased in a simple and understandable manner.  The most important thing is that the debates will teach students the culture of debating and the importance on relying on facts as well as promoting critical thinking.

The topics for debate are selected from the members of the Office for Research. They are usually topics that stimulate a special interest of different professionals and students as well. However, we are always open to accept every proposal for relevant topics that come from students.

There are thre characteristics that differentiate formal debate from the non formal one:

  • The topic
  • The Judge
  • Limited time


The format of the debate is “BP” and has a limited time of 1 hour and 15 minutes. Each participant will have an equal amount of time to give his arguments and express their opinions.

Who are we ?

We are a group of students from Heimerer College and our interests in particularly in qualitative research and to organize events from which students will benefit and gain additional effective experiences that will help each on us when practicing our professions.

The debate helps us broaden our general knowledge, also helps us prepare for different encounters, either while debating or lecturing. The debates are usually conducted to serve a greater cause and in this case it helps students prepare for the “real world”.



  1. To get ready to understand and communicate in different ways and to argument what we say
  2. To be able to analyze controversial cases, to find the facts and to evaluate them


Aiming to promote professions, such as: Speech Therapy, Ergo Therapy, Infirmary and  Lab Technician, the Office for Research shows various movies within the premises of Heimerer College. The theme of movies shown is usually based on respective professions. After each movie, a debate is conducted where students and academic staff of Heimerer College participate.

Competition for the best research

One of the most important activities of the Office for Research is to conduct a competition for the best research. Students who are willing to participate are divided in small groups, mostly 5 or 6 per group, and they are assigned to do a research. The main goal of this competition is to increase students level of research skills. After conducting and completing the research, students are requested to present their findings in front of a professional evaluation board from Heimerer College. We do this aiming to increase communications skills of the students. The group that conducted the best research is rewarded from the Office for Research and Heimerer College.

Marking International days of professions

Active students that are part of the Office for Research will have the opportunity to assist in organizations of various events, including the international days of their respective professions. These days are marked from Heimerer College aiming to raise awareness about different professions and causes. Students will have the chance to prepare leaflets or other IEC materials that will contribute on informing the general public about certain dates, causes and other issues. They also have the chance to present awareness raising presentations in Center for primary, secondary and tertiary care and in many other centers and schools.


Participation in various national and international conferences was not the only thing our students did. They often were rewarded with first, second and third prizes, consequently raising the quality of Heimerer College. Listed below are some of the prizes our students have won:

  • First prize at the International Congress for Health Sciences KISCOMS 4
  • Second prize at the International Congress for Health Sciences KISCOMS 5
  • Third prize at the International Symposium for Health Sciences
  • First prize (poster presentation) at the 20th Congress on Adolescents Health IAAH
  • Third prize (poster presentation) at the 20th Congress on Adolescents Health IAAH
  • First prize (poster presentation) at the Seventh International Symposium for Health Sciences
  • Third prize (poster presentation) at the Seventh International Symposium for Health Sciences
  • Among 15 of the best presentations at ECDP in Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Among 5 of the best presentations at SIG5 in Finland.